Sharing Google Apps for Education with my Colleagues

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Google Apps Poster SmallRecently I had the chance to share what I have learned (so far) about Google Apps for Education with some of my colleagues.  It was the culminating event for the Additional Qualification course I have been taking this spring, Integrating Information and Computer Technology [in Instruction] Part 1 (#iictip1).  We had the event last Wednesday, June 12, and as part of our assignment, we created a website with all of the resources we have been gathering and working on.

I am really very proud of the work I did for this course, and the friendships I made in class.  Tonight is our last class, and I’m sorry to see the end.  I will be signing up for Part 2 in the fall, and can’t wait to share more with you as I continue on my journey.  Meanwhile, here is the link to our website and the Google Presentation I created for the event.  Be sure to click on the links in the presentation as well.  Enjoy!

Our Website

My Google Presentation 

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