New Year, New Challenges

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Let’s just set aside the fact that I am struggling to stay organized and ahead of the game as a part time teacher, and that this year I will only get to see my students once or twice a week, and at 2 (or hopefully 3!) different schools.  Instead, let’s focus on the monumental challenge of incorporating technology into that teaching and into my own organization and planning.

It’s August, and high time I start organizing my life for teaching this year.  So I began by thinking about how I would track what I was teaching to who and when.  Sounds easy right?  In the past I have used a binder as a daybook at one school.  This year is different though.  First of all, I will definitely be teaching at two different schools, and maybe more.  So do I create a different daybook for each school or do I lug my daybook around to each school.  OR, do I get with the program and use my iPad as a daybook.  Bingo.  iPad.

Okay…. so which app should I use?  Today I started browsing the apps available that will help me create a digital daybook.  Last year, and in years past, I have dabbled with a few.  When I was working in an LTO as a planning teacher, I used my laptop (pre iPad days) and downloaded Planbook.  It was decent, but really hard to set up, and not flexible in any way.  Last year, I tried LiveBinder on my iPad.  I liked that I could create my own daysheet as a pdf and add notes to it, but it didn’t really meet all of my needs.

When I create a physical daybook, I set it up with my schedule and then just write in the days as I go.  I add my lessons in pen, and write reflections after I teach.  I do this because it is usually a week, or sometimes more before I see those students again and continue with the lesson or the unit in question.  So the most ideal thing for me to do would be to write my own app and customize it the way I want.  But how in the world do you do that?

Stay tuned…

Sharing Google Apps for Education with my Colleagues

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Google Apps Poster SmallRecently I had the chance to share what I have learned (so far) about Google Apps for Education with some of my colleagues.  It was the culminating event for the Additional Qualification course I have been taking this spring, Integrating Information and Computer Technology [in Instruction] Part 1 (#iictip1).  We had the event last Wednesday, June 12, and as part of our assignment, we created a website with all of the resources we have been gathering and working on.

I am really very proud of the work I did for this course, and the friendships I made in class.  Tonight is our last class, and I’m sorry to see the end.  I will be signing up for Part 2 in the fall, and can’t wait to share more with you as I continue on my journey.  Meanwhile, here is the link to our website and the Google Presentation I created for the event.  Be sure to click on the links in the presentation as well.  Enjoy!

Our Website

My Google Presentation