Bitstrips for Schools

Bitstrips for Schools is an online educational tool that allows teachers and students to create their own comic book characters and stories.  Creating comics with Bitstrips for Schools engages students in many areas of the Ontario curriculum through a medium that they are both familiar and comfortable with.  The online comic creator allows students to explore critical and creative thinking processes through character creation; drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their comics; and online social interactions with their peers.  Students can create their own comic avatar, build fully poseable characters, props, settings, clothing, and stories, and can view and comment on one anothers’ comic creations.

Bitstrips is free to use for Ontario teachers, under the OSAPAC licensing.  For more information about OSAPAC, click here.

I have used Bitstrips often with my students, and with great success.  Students seem to love to create the comic character avatars that represent them, and put them into stories.  Below are some examples of student work in Bitstrips.

Bitsrips Gallery Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2


*Image from

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