Google Apps For Education (GAFE)

Google-apps-ne-besplatenOur board has been using Google Apps for Education for a few years now.  We have fully adopted GAFE, giving our students access to Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Presentations, Drawings, Sites, GMail, Calendar, YouTube, and a multitude of apps and extensions that can connect with Chrome.

I currently use GAFE to communicate with my students via email and to share documents, sheets, drawings, forms, and presentations with them.  Students also share their work with me via Google Drive, making it very easy to provide feedback even to those students who I don’t see every day.

Beyond these basic uses, I am exploring a lot of the advanced features in GAFE.  Some of what I am working on will be shared here.




Student Self Reflection SiteUsing YouTube, Google Forms, and Google Sites to Promote Self-Reflection

This is an example from a Google Site I created.  The students in this class created and performed dances.  I recorded their dances and uploaded them to YouTube.  I then embedded their video into their own personal web page, and embedded a self-reflection form beside it.  Students were able to watch the video of themselves, and reflect on their performance.  What had they done well?  What could they improve on next time?  What did their group members do well?  How could their group members have done better?



images (1)Within my GAFE account through Upper Grand District School Board, I have my own YouTube channel.  What’s lovely about having my own, private channel is that I can upload videos to share within the Upper Grand District School Board, or I can upload videos that are completely private, that no one else can see.  This enables me to upload videos I have recorded of my students and refer back to them for assessment purposes, without worrying about storage space on my iPad or Smart Phone.  I currently use an app on my iPad called YouTube Capture that lets me upload my videos directly to YouTube without saving them to my iPad.  Everything is managed on YouTube and is easy to access later.

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